Sauvignon Blanc




Appellation: Curicó Valley
Alcohol: 13% by Vol.
Total acidity: 5.5 g/L
Residual sugar: < 4 g/L




Year of Plantation: 2005
Density: 3,330 plants/hectare (1,350 plants/acre)
Trellis System: Vertical Shoot Positioning
Yield: 12 tons/hectare (4.9 metric tons/acre)
Harvest method: Hand picking, with double selection in vineyard, first week of March.
Soil: Shallow alluvial soils of sandy loam, brownish-gray, rocky; subsoil composed of boulders and rounded rocks in sandy matrix.




Cool temperate climate with a Mediterranean rainfall regime, moderately warm summers (influence of the Andes Mountains) and very rainy winters. Vineyards are located slightly closer to the Pacific Ocean and therefore receive coastal breezes that help keeping cool temperatures during summer.




Fermentation: Starts with active dry yeast (Cerevisiae). Fermentation managed by a reductive method with minimal aeration, protecting the wine from oxidation. Yeasts used were specially selected for this wine grape.
Temperature: 14°C-16°C degrees Celsius (57°- 61°Fahrenheit).
Aging: Batonnage with lees in stainless steel vats for two months.




Appearance: Pale yellow color with green highlights.
Nose: Expressive herbal notes with gooseberry, fresh-cut grass and apple.
In mouth: Medium body, fresh acidity and pleasant aftertaste.

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