Estate: Yerbas Buenas
Sub-region: Maule Valley
Soil: Sandy loam



Age of vines: 8 years
Vine management system: Trellis
Density: 3,330 plants/hectare (1,350 plants/acre)
Yield: 10 tons/hectare (4 metric tons/acre)
Harvest method: Hand picking, with double selection in vineyard, in the first half of March.




Cool temperate climate with a Mediterranean rainfall regime, moderately warm summers (influence of the Andes mountains) and very rainy winters.




Shallow alluvial soils of sandy loam, brownish-gray, rocky; subsoil composed of boulders and rounded rocks in sandy matrix.




Fermentation: Starts with active dry yeast (Cerevisiae)
Temperature: 16-18 degrees Celsius (61-64 Fahrenheit); fermentation with French oak staves; final fermentation with aeration.
Aging: Batonnage with fine lees during two months.




Appearance: Straw yellow with gold highlights.
Nose: Intense nose of pineapple, vanilla and almond blossoms.
In mouth: Mouth entry fresh; round in the middle-mouth with notes of citrus and pineapple; a long finish.
Pairing recommendation: Curried chicken, sweet-and-sour dishes.

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